Lyon 1 Collections

From the collections of the 16th century to electronic journals, the Lyon 1 University Libraries give access to some hundred thousand documents in the following domains :

Sciences and Technologies: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Earth Sciences
Health: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Rehabilitation Sciences
Sports Sciences, Economics etc.

The ten libraries offer you

Books and e-books
Scientific journals (printed and online journals)
PhD Thesis and Master dissertations
Past exams papers
Specialized databases
Heritage Collections (from the 16th to beginning of the 20th century)


(Centres d'Acquisition et de Diffusion de l'Information Scientifique et Technique - Acquisition and Distribution Centers for Scientific and Technic Information) is formed by a network of french specialized libraries dedicated to the research, organized by discipline. Their principal mission consists in the acquisition and the conservation of documents as well as making them rapidly available for the Interlibrary Loan and their digitization.

The network of Lyon 1 libraries is an associated center of the National Library of France (BNF) for Chemistry and Pharmacy and therefore owns two large reference collections. Currently these collections represent 12 500 publications, 500 printed journals and 790 online journals (archives or currently received).

The libraries have also conducted several projects of digitizing the special collection (History of Pharmacy, Botany, Chemistry etc.) which has enabled the enrichment of the digitized national library GALLICA.

Heritage Collections

Special Collections (items anterior to 1920) were created in 1896 when the University of Lyon was founded.

The Special Collection items come from different sources: they were acquired in the 19th century, given in donations by the doctors and their families from Lyon and transferred collections from the library of the Lycée impérial de Tournon and partly from the Great Seminary (Grand Séminaire).
The Special Collections Gallavardin Collection of Homeopathy
Tripier Collection of Anatomy and Teaching of Medicine
Testut Collection of Anatomy
Itard Collection of History and Teaching of Mathematics